Frequently asked questions?

Passpoint is an pre-screening ocular scanner that detects drug use.

1. Why isnt Passpoint more present in todays urinalysis market?

Passpoint technical development took about 10 years to fine tune and perfect. We knew that people would be skeptical, just like we were skeptical about new technology such as emailing. Passpoint is patented and took 10 years to perfect and we are now aggressively introducing Passpoint to the world.

3. Does Passpoint actually work?

Yes, it does. Our ocular scanning technology is actually more accurate than urinalysis testing. Specimen free, instant results testing will take over urine testing. Specimen testing always leaves room for the samples to intentionally or unintentionally become compromised by "bad actors" in the urine testing field.

5. Is Passpoint difficult to use, or going to add work to my program?

Passpoint is extremely user friendly. Equipment installation takes about two hours. Staff orientation and training take about three days. After you begin using the system we provide continuing support and assistance in interpreting, using and verifying® procedures and test results. is not just a kiosk but a well supported service to enhance agency/corporate drug and alcohol screening programs.


Through biometric fingerprint scanning, substance abusers cannot "fool" the® system;® allows agencies to supervise this troublesome population more closely. ® eliminates problems common to urine-only screening systems. Gender specific observation requirements, staff discomfort with "eye to ureter" and urine handling, and delays in getting screen results are greatly reduced. A rapid and dignified screening process rewards subjects who remain drug free; enhanced supervision of those who continue to use can reduce the frequency of adulterated, substituted, or diluted samples.

4. Will Passpoint reduce my overall spend on urinalysis?

Yes, and some. Imagine spending 90% less on urine testing and being able to perform limitless testing every month. The benefits to corporations with reduced turnover and increased performance is a great feature of the Passpoint system as well. The decrease in admin costs is a huge plus of the Passpoint system as well.